Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Special Election

Update-Mike Parry is officially running.

Well, Steele County politics got turned upside down this morning with the announcement by Sen Dick Day that he will be resigning to pursue the Racino idea that he has championed over the last several years.  Aside from the political implications of having a dedicated and passionate man like Sen Day spearheading the Racino bill next session, it also means that there will be a special election to fill his seat.

Senate District 26 covers all of Steele County, and part of Waseca and Rice.  It also crosses over the 1st and 2nd Congressional Districts, all of which means that this will be an involved process.  What we know at this point is this-

-The governor will call for a special election at a date to be determined.  State law requires at least 28 days before holding it, but the legislative session starts Feb 4th, which means the election will most likely be held sometime in mid-January.

-Several candidates have expressed strong interest in running for the GOP endorsement so far this morning, which will happen at an endorsing convention.

-This will be the only election happening in Minnesota until next year's primaries, which means we can expect a good deal of media interest from outside the district.

-This election has the potential to be a great organizing event for Steele County Republicans, as we will move from the endorsing convention (early Jan?) to the special election (mid Jan?) to the precinct caucuses to the county convention.

No word yet on any DFL candidates, but I would expect to see them coming out quickly.

More updates will be posted here and on www.steelegop.com as they become available.

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