Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sunday People's Press Letter to the Editor

As our state comes closer to a shutdown, some facts are in order for people to understand how we got to this point.

• The Legislature passed a balanced budget with a 6 percent increase in spending. The governor vetoed these bills because he demanded a 27 percent increase in spending.

• Since the bills were vetoed, the GOP has offered three compromises, including matching the DFL budgets for public safety and K-12 education, and removing more than $200 million in business tax cuts.

• The Legislature is waiting on the governor to be called back into session. According to the state constitution, no bills can even be considered until the governor calls the Legislature into special session.

• House Republicans have a bill written and ready to go that would fund the state government at current levels until a deal can be reached. This would avert a shutdown, but the governor still refuses to allow it.

A state government shutdown will be easy for some, painful for others, and an inconvenience to many. But one fact is clear: A state government shutdown is in the hands of the governor.

Dave Thul
Co-chair, Steele County Republican Party

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