Sunday, August 21, 2011

Michelle Bachmann wins poll

The Steele County Free Fair for 2011 is winding down, and first estimates have attendance at over 350,000 people.  The Steele County GOP ran a Republican Presidential Coin Poll, inviting fairgoers to drop some coins for their favorite candidate, those in the race and those in the rumor mill race.  The slogan; 'Use your change to make Change.'

The results are in, and here they are:

Michelle Bachmann                    3,580 votes
Chris Christie                             3,260
Donald Trump                            2,798
Rick Perry                                  2,165
Ron Paul                                    1,922
Hermann Cain                            1,434
Sarah Palin                                 1,074
Mitt Romney                                 957
Allen West                                    812
Newt Gingrich                               300
Paul Ryan                                      205
Rick Santorum                              180
Marco Rubio                                 112
John Bolton                                     58
Jon Huntsman                                  10

By request, a jar was added for Obama (398) and None of the Above (186).

A total of $194.51 was collected, half of which will be donated to the Steele County Foodshelf.  Thanks to all those who participated, and thanks for a great fair!

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